Saint Patrick Church

CCD Volunteer Form

We need everyone's help to run a great program for our kids!!!

Are you Virtus trained?
Teacher Aide (weekly)
Teacher Helper (as needed….help with projects, phone tree, etc)
Substitute Teacher (as needed)
Office help (attendance, postcards, copying, filing, etc during class time)
Administrative Help (outside class time / registration, computer input, various other needs)
Parking Lot Attendees (crossing to rectory and working drop off zones before class)
Break Down of classrooms (after CCD and before 11am mass)
Clean up team (straighten up the hall after classes on Sunday…after 11am mass)
Special Event help (various throughout the year as needed)
Project Help (various artsy/craftsy)
Children’s Liturgy of the Word Ministry (during 8:30 or 11am mass)
Vacation Bible School
****Are you interested in being a CCD Teacher if a position becomes available?
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