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Tuesday of the Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time

July 5, 2016


St. Anthony Zaccaria
July 5, 2016

After 50 Years, St. Patrick has a Bright Future: Bringing Light into Darkness of Others

By Rev. Jeffrey D. VonLehmen, Pastor

At one of our presbyterate meetings, we listened to a wonderful presentation about forming intentional disciples. It helped put into words, what we have been striving for at St. Patrick for the last 15 years; and building a bright future. 


How can we become intentional disciples who bring the Light of Christ into the darkness of another? Often times, we think if we can just get an inactive, fallen away or bored Catholic -usually someone from our own family- into a good study group, support group or give them a great book, then it will work out.

Based on the work of a team of college students and a campus minister at UCLA, in a study called, I once was lost by Schaupp and Everts, they found that in our post-modern age very few people in our society are ready right away for catechesis. Catechesis is important but can only happen after several steps or stages of spiritual development:

  1. Trust in something or someone associated with Christ. Catechesis does not build initial trust. Trust must be there first!!! Trust is NOT easy to build and may take years.

  2. Then curiosity!! Let the questions come. But the idea here is not to drown a teaspoon of curiosity with a gallon of answers. Curiosity is not yet seeking. Both trust and curiosity are passive stages of spiritual development. Most Catholics and parishioners may be in this stage of spiritual development. It is not time for catechesis.

  3. Seeking! At this stage, a person is now, more sure that a personal relationship with God is possible and begins to actively seek the Light. Still, this is not the time for catechesis.

  4. Openness: Here a person is at the point in their spiritual growth where he or she can pray or at least pray the words: “Lord, help me to be open.” This is where people are beginning to connect the dots or may ask for help to connect the dots. Still not ready for catechism yet! The idea at this point is simply to foster the openness. Again, may take a while.

  5. Conversion or second conversion: This is when a person decides to become an intentional disciple and who wants to (not simply has to), but wants to be a disciple of Christ and makes a commitment to the Light in order to spread the Light and not darkness. Here is where catechesis becomes essential and is a lifelong process.

Again, since so many of us are in the early trust/curiosity/openness stages of development, we needed something to address these needs. What another study on Catholic Christian evangelization unfolded is that where trust, curiosity and openness are best fostered is in Eucharistic Adoration (knowing God with us in the Eucharist). If we can stop thinking of Eucharistic Adoration as simply for those devout Catholics, and instead for those who are in need of building trust, curiosity and openness, then we will be able see the great gift of having a 24 hour adoration chapel open for any one and every one.

Providing this out reach for our parishioners, families and community has been a key component in the renovation of St. Patrick parish, along with the enhancement of our Eucharistic space. A praying people is a converting people.

Conclusion: We have a great foundation to reach fallen away or disinterested Catholics, even within our own families if we can gently guide them to the adoration chapel to build trust, curiosity and openness in the God, who is with us, Christ the Light.

People may be critical of what they may perceive we are not doing or doing enough of, but the question remains, how do we, first develop intentional disciples of Jesus Christ. (i.e., who really wants to know the love of God, follow the Light and bring the Light to others in their darkness)?

Thus, the emphasis from the latest research on family prayer, Scripture reading and Eucharistic Adoration, seems to help people to grow in that direction, to build trust and openness; and become active seekers…and finally engage in ongoing conversion, a second conversion!! It is during this conversion, we learn how to discern what the Lord wants us to do; and to whom we can best bring the Light (i.e., poor, sick, forgotten or abandoned; the elderly, the divorced, the addicted, etc.). The Love and Light of Christ will only increase in our parish and communities, in which we serve.

St. Patrick does have a bright future, because it has a strong structure for spiritual growth.

Christ’s peace,

Fr. Jeff